Disinfection of the distribution net using OXYL-PRO CLEAN

This method effectively removes microorganisms and biofilms from the potable water system. Strong restrictions on the use of water must be introduced during the disinfection process. Effective against Legionella.



The potable water system is completely put out of operation during treatment and it must be ensured that there is enough available water for drinking and cooking in the form of bottled water. Information must be given to everyone on board that no one should use water from the system in any way. Coffee machines and drinking water dispensers must be disconnected.


The potable water tanks are emptied completely before 10 m3 of clean water and 96 kg of OXYL-PRO CLEAN is added. It is important to keep in mind that there should be 10 m3 available. This means that depending on how the outlet is raised in the tank, more may need to be added to make up for the residual volume that cannot be pumped out. Add 9.6 kg of OXYL-PRO CLEAN per extra m3.

Disinfection of the pipe system

Start by flushing hot water from the tapping point that is furthest from the tank. Rinse until you reach 3500 ppm. Then rinse with cold water until you reach 3500 ppm. When you have confirmed sufficient concentration, close the tap and start flushing all other points back towards the tank until you reach sufficient concentration at each point. Rinse with mixture of hot and cold water.


When all taps and showers show 3,500 ppm, the tapping point is closed.


After half an hour, the first drop point is checked. If the concentration has fallen below 1000 ppm, the tapping point is flushed until sufficient concentration is reached. The other tapping point is flushed for 10 seconds.


Biofilm will now have dissolved and may start to come out. It is therefore advisable to turn off strainers and shower heads.


After another half an hour the system flushes. All drainage points should then be flushed until all sediments has left the pipes.