Filtering solutions

When producing drinking water there can be periods in which the produced water quality do not meet regulatory requirements. Chemical pollution can arise from desinfection operations with chlorine. Chlorine can also react with organic matter in water and produce cancerogenous compounds such as trihalomethanes.

Bromate is classified as possible cancerogenous and can form through ozonation if the water contains high concentrations of bromide. Ozone can arise in the UV desinfection unit and therefore cause problems with bromate.

We deliver filtering solutions for removal of chemical pollution in drinking water systems offshore. Our products are thoroughly tested with great results. Our carbon filters effectively removes trihalomethane, bromate and hydrocarbons in addition to other compounds that can couse water qualities such as taste and smell.


– 20”, 3 µm porestørrelse

– 40”, 3 µm porestørrelse


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– 20”, 25 µm porestørrelse

– 30”, 25 µm porestørrelse


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