AMBIO offer both classroom- and online courses within safe water supply. The courses are customized for medic and operation personnel on offshore vessels and installations.

Classroom course

2-day course in our facilities in Stavanger. The course will be held in Norwegian. We can organize course in English in case of 10 enrolled students. 

E-learning course

A new web-based course was announced in January 2020. 


The duration of the course is estimated to 4-5 hours and consist of 6 modules. Completed course will provide a course sertificate that are valid for 4 years. 


The course is available in both English and Norwegian. 

“Potable Water on Offshore Facilities”

The objective of the course is to provide personnel responsible for potable water offshore, or tasks related thereto, with necessary expertise and understanding of the most common principles for the production and treatment of water in Norway. The course describes the treatment methods used on offshore installations and vessels.

Completion of the course documents that the candidate has completed training required for competence related to potable water treatment offshore according to the HSE Regulations related to the petroleum industry, the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s Regulations concerning potable water and potable water systems on mobile offshore units and the Drinking Water Regulations.

The course content is based on current laws and regulations in addition to the guidelines published by the responsible authorities for the operation of the potable water systems offshore. Operation experiences from similar systems and related equipment are applied as well.

The following references are used:

  • The Drinking Water Regulations
  • The HSE Regulations
  • Regulations concerning potable water and potable water systems on mobile offshore units
  • The guideline Water Report 128 “Safe, Sufficient and Good Potable Water Offshore” 5th edition
  • The guideline Water Report 123 “Forebygging av legionellasmitte” (only in Norwegian) 4th edition
  • NORSOK P-002 system 53

Course content:

  1. Regulations and authorities
  2. Management system
  3. Water quality
  4. Water quality and analysis requirements
  5. Sampling, reporting and actions if limit values are exceeded
  6. Design of potable water system
  7. Production facilities offshore
  8. Bunkering of potable water
  9. Water treatment
  10. Potable water storage tanks
  11. Water distribution system
  12. Prevention of Legionella
  13. Troubleshooting