pH 7+ DHS portable pH meter

This instrument can measure pH in water from pH 0.00 to 14.00. It can also be used to measure temperature from 0 to 100°C. The instrument comes in a practical case containing pH buffer for calibration, as well as storage solution for the pH electrode. Initially, the instrument can be calibrated by up to 13 points. As a rule, a two-point calibration curve is good enough. We recommend calibrating with buffer pH 7 and pH 10.


The meter is water and dustproof.


The instrument is easily usable and convenient to use in fields. When the values ​​of a meter stabilize, a smiley indicator,  will appear on the screen that tells when you can read the result. The same applies during calibration.


Additional equipment:

  • Buffer pH 7
  • Buffer pH 10
  • Storage solution for pH electrode