Preparation and revision of documentation

We have extensive experience in the preparation and revision of documents related to potable water systems.

We can offer:

  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Contingency plans
  • Potable water manuals
  • System and operation procedures

According to the Drinking Water Regulations and the HSE regulations of the PSA, all waterworks, including installations that produce drinking water from seawater, must carry out a risk assessment in accordance with NS-EN 15975-2. The management regulations and the framework regulations also set requirements for risk management and emergency preparedness.


We have been involved in a number of risk and vulnerability analyses for installations on the Norwegian sector. Ahead of the offshore review, we go through all of the governing documentation for the potable water system. An offshore review is usually performed in two days. Then the work of presenting the vulnerabilities and proposals for measures begins. This is discussed in conjunction with the customer where we also risk-evaluate all unwanted incidents. We work in accordance with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s guide and can adapt the risk matrix to the company’s internal requirements.


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