We have launched a new web course!

We are very excited to finally launch our upgraded potable water course. The course consists of various modules and animations. 

Increased focus on clean potable water in society and in the offshore industry is important so that we avoid illness. Therefore, we have developed a new course that we hope can increase our focus on good and safe water treatment. Water is a nutrient and should be treated the same as food. Competence for what you work with is of the utmost importance in order to have a good water quality and prevent people from getting sick.

The course starts with regulations and management system which is a very important part. Then we go into water quality and theory about what can affect water quality. Then we follow the water – from production, through various processing steps, storage tanks and through the distribution network out to the consumer.


The course is aimed at anyone with responsibilities within potable water offshore. There is a requirement that those who work with water must have documentable expertise, which is interpreted in the form of courses with course certificates.

The aim of the course is to increase the learning outcomes of those who will take it. We at Ambio have been working with potable water offshore for over 20 years, and this is what we are passionate about!

With this course you will see the whole with a drinking water system, but you will also have the opportunity to look into details – Arne Morten Rosnes, Blå

This was the best e-learning course I have ever taken. The course was easy to understand and well designed! – Gunnar Kolstad, Process Technician Equinor