Ambio has signed a framework agreement with RelyOn Nutec regarding offshore potable water courses, both classroom and online. The agreement has a duration of three years plus two one-year options.

Through the agreement, Ambio will be the preferred course supplier and competence partner in the field of drinking water offshore for RelyOn Nutec. The agreement means that Ambio’s e-learning and classroom courses will be available through their course management system.


– We are very pleased to have formalized the collaboration with RelyOn Nutec so that together we can help strengthen the competence in drinking water and contribute to positive welfare and operations on Norwegian offshore installations, says Bjørn Tore Sundvor-Halleland, who heads Ambio’s department for drinking water.


Both the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway’s HSE regulations and the drinking water regulations require that everyone responsible for drinking water must have documentable expertise. Most Norwegian actors in the Norwegian sector have used Ambio’s training courses for their personnel. There has never been more focus on drinking water offshore than now.


– For those of us who work with drinking water offshore, it is gratifying to see that it is gaining more and more attention. Clean water is a critical input factor both at sea and on land and, of course, absolutely crucial for operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. We meet an incredible number of dedicated and skilled people who work with water, ”says Sundvor-Halleland.


After more than 20 years of training and field work, Ambio has acquired a unique expertise in drinking water systems on floating and fixed Norwegian offshore installations.


– There is just as much chance of getting sick from waterborne contamination offshore as on land. If the water becomes contaminated or disappears for a long time, the installation must not be demobilized and production must be shut down, Sundvor-Helleland notes.


RelyOn Nutec works with safety courses and competence building in drilling, emergency preparedness and crisis management for the offshore, maritime and renewable industries. They manage course administration for several of the largest companies in the Norwegian sector. (Several of them are already customers of Ambio.)


AMBIO Potable Water

AMBIO has long experience in potable water treatment and contributes to optimal water quality for the onshore and offshore industry. We carry out risk and vulnerability analyzes, design verifications, prepare drinking water manuals and contingency plans, as well as providing laboratory services. We hold courses in potable water treatment and offer decision support in relation to government requirements, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of new and existing potable water systems.